Open Slack!

Open Slack tonight! Reply or comment here to get an invitation to ECCM's online chatroom! Join us for makerspace topics, or for the lulz.

Website Changes!

Right, first off, I apologize for any email subscriptions you may have accidentally received. In making some changes to the website, it automatically generated a slew of emails for some users for a lot of updated content. You can disregard all of those emails. Sorry!

Where Do I Start?

So you're interested in becoming a member, or have become one and don't know where to go from here? Read on!

Before becoming a member of ECCM, we strongly suggest you visit us at a meeting or event as a guest first. Most of our gatherings are advertised publicly, and you can often find out when and where we'll be by registering an account on this website, or following us on Facebook or Google Plus! We're more than happy to show you around the space and introduce you to the community! Besides, it's good to get a feel of things before committing to anything.

About Us

Welcome to the Emerald Coast Community of Makers (ECCM or ECCMakers) website!

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