ECCM Official Meeting September 12th @ Noon

Happy Labor Day everyone! Well... almost. And, because of labor day, we are moving the usual ECCM meeting time back one week this month. So, the next ECCM meeting will be on September 12th, at 12:00PM noon. The standard venue applies - be sure to check the new map on our website if you're unfamiliar with our location. Guests are welcome, but we'll mostly be discussing business & bylaws until 1PM and may carry on with projects thereafter.

ECCM Gaming Night!

Did you know that ECCM is now hosting game nights every Wednesday at 7PM? Well, now you do. And it's happening tonight!

Come sit at our tables and join in some card or board games such as Gloom and Cards Against Humanity! If you can't make it tonight, hopefully we'll see you next week!

Venture Hive Partnership!

Good evening, makers!

So, I just finished a meeting with John and Susan from Venture Hive and I got some potentially life-changing news for our creative minds. There’s a definite gap between having an idea and launching a highly successful business, and that’s where Venture Hive comes in. They provide entrepreneurship education and opportunities (such as a $25K non-equity grant) to help you get your idea off the ground - potentially on a national or international level.

ECCM Official business meeting October 3 @ Noon

October business meeting Noonish on Saturday the 3rd

Where Do I Start?

So you're interested in becoming a member, or have become one and don't know where to go from here? Read on!

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