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用途与简介/Purpose and introduction:

NQGF型西林瓶粉针洗烘分装轧盖贴标联动线 由QCL系列立式超声波洗瓶机、AQMR隧道式热风循环灭菌烘箱、NQFGX系列数控螺杆粉剂分装机、NQ-50轧盖机、NQWTB-120贴标机组成,也可单机使用。适合于7-25ml规格的西林瓶粉针的生产。能完成喷淋注水、超声波粗洗、瓶外壁水冲洗、瓶内壁连续二次循环水冲洗、一次吹气、一次新鲜水冲洗、连续二次吹气、瓶外壁吹气、清洗、预热、烘干灭菌去热原、冷却、分装、加塞、轧盖、贴标等二十多道工序。

NLGF schering bottles booster injection wash baked repackaging rolling cover labeling line consists of QCL series vertical ultrasonic bottle washer, ASMR tunnel type hot air circulation oven. NFFGX series CNC screw powder filling machine, NF-50 rolling machine, NFWTB-120 labeling machine, and also can be used stand-alone. Suitable for 7 to 25 ml specification schering bottles of water production. Can finish the spray water injection, ultrasonic thick bottle washing, the outer wall of water flushing, bottle wall continuous secondary circulating water flushing, a blowing, a fresh water rinse, two consecutive bottle blowing, blowing the outer wall, preheating and drying sterilization to pyrogen, cooling, packaging, gasser, cover, labeling and so on more than 20 procedures.



Bottle washer adopts manipulator clamp bottle, is suitable for a variety of specifications of schering bottles;


Reciprocating mixer washing bottle with water spray needle track insert way, cleaning effect is good, save energy. And is equipped with needle shake device, improve the accuracy of injection needle inserted into the bottle, reduce breakage phenomenon;


Mixer washing bottle the water pipe, injection needles completely separate, to avoid the cross contamination, in line with the GMP requirements;


Pieces into the bottle inside the screw before adding buffer block, protect the screw, reduce broken bottle;


Pieces out of the bottle inside the whole import synchronous belt, the connection dial the bottle conveying schering bottles, operation is stable and reliable;


Oven adopts hot air circulation heating, temperature uniformity, energy saving;


Mixer oven has suddenly loses power protection function. Run security;


Mixer oven can match circulating water cooling device, not loss room air volume, reduce the risk of differential pressure imbalance in room cooling effect is good.


Mixer automatic oven can match differential pressure balance control system to reduce the room and high temperature oven pressure difference caused by the imbalance of period of migration, filling between wash between baking temperature and so on a series of problems;


Mixer oven with DOP test interface (including wind pressure, wind speed, dust particle detection);


Mixer oven cooling segment with the function of sterilization (FDA selected);


Type mixer oven mesh belt with ultrasound scanning CIP online cleaning system;


In pieces inside the oven chamber can be all-round, multi-angle high-pressure water flushing;


Mixer racking machine adopts the most advanced design concept, high speed, and bottles of accurate, replacement of a convenient;


Mixer racking machine adopts ac servo motor drive the repackaging screw rotation, the load accurately;


Mixer packer adopts the load adjustment directly on a touch screen;


Mixer packer optional circulating laminar flow hood best level;


Racking machine without stop packing bottle, no bottle no stoppered function.


The whole line adopts PLC control, inverter, touch screen control technology, stable and reliable running. Touch screen can display the running state of each units, each control point of the water pressure, air pressure, air pressure, temperature, etc, according to the switch state and fault display, fault self-diagnosis and fault analysis and elimination method. Make the whole production process automation control, on-line has the automatic balancing device, ensure production equilibrium is reliable.


According to the needs of customers, but also available for selection:


Pieces of Siemens, schneider, mitsubishi, Taiwan brands such as control system;


Pieces of water, gas pressure, water temperature and the intensity of ultrasonic, dust particles, wind speed on-line detection, alarm, record and print system;


ORABS, CRABS, aseptic isolator system.

技术参数:/technical parameters




生产能力production capacity

洗瓶合格率Washing bottle percent of pass

洗瓶破损率Washing bottle breakage

灭菌温度sterilizing temperature

分装误差The repackaging of error

加塞合格率Gasser percent of pass

空气层流洁净度Laminar air cleanliness

真空抽速Vacuum pumping speed

电容量 capacitance

电源power supply

总电量Total transmission energy

外形尺寸boundary dimension

7-25ML国标西林瓶 7-25ML GBvial

300pcs/min 600pcs/min







25m3/H(外配)100cbm/H 50m3/H(外配)100cbm/H