Followup on April Meeting

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Followup on April Meeting

Hey all just some quick notes on what we discussed yesterday at the meeting:

Programming for the Spring and Summer

  1. Thomas called for ideas for programming for Spring and Summer Months
  2. Thomas has reached out to Deward to inquire about the events with the innonvation cell this month. He had said there might be a chance to socialize or something more formal after some conference they would be holding this month
  3. Eric recommended ( with unanimous nods) that we should have training sessions with oriented around the new RepRap. Topics: setting up the print jobs, CAD modeling, more. Scheduled a setting up the job session for April 26 1pm (see google cal). Future modeling class to be held in May and June. Dates for those to be set at alter meeting
Opportunity to teach summer kids courses in conjunction with the First City Art Center
  1. The FCAC is looking for our participation to teach some course work in the STEM area of programming. Core idea: is the different groups during 3 different weeks over the summer for kids between 9-14 years old Weeks: June 9-13, July 7-11, Aug. 4-8 Times: 830-530 Hour Lunch at Noon.
  2. A group or teacher would Have the students either an a 1.5 or 3 hour session each day Monday to Friday. A goal should be to do something the students can build upon and culminate on Friday.
  3. I am looking for people who can be available for hour each of those 5 days for those weeks. You could volunteer for one session or all of them, but you will need to organize a curriculum and get materials lists together to submit to Meredith, etc.
  4. There is modest compensation $10/hr.
  5. John Butler suggested a SUMObot class, but any good idea is up for grabs. We just need to give Meredith the parameter and budget. Steve K is also interested in being a teacher.
  6. PLease contact me ([email protected]) if you want to teach or hang out with these summer camp sessions.
Bitcoin Meetup request to use the Space for their meetings
  1. MK Lord came to the meeting to pitch holding the local monthly Bitcoin Meeting at the ECCM building. She wants to establish a regular cycle of the meetings, meetings are free and open to all
  2. There was no opposition, thus we are going to try it out for the next few months to see if it works for everyone. Steve K will be host (responsible for opening, closing and addressing any immediate needs) for the first which is scheduled for April 26 5-9PM

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All the above sounds awesome! Great job on everything, and I'm rally excited for the future of ECCM!