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Big round of thank yous and next steps

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Big round of thank yous and next steps

OK so by now you may have seen the massive number of pictures cataloging the cleanup effort at shop. I want to once again thank all the people who came out with so much labor. I have made a spreadsheet cataloging the number of hours invested since Tuesday and they are nearing 120 hours. This is so incredible. Thanks to the member and friends of the space we are getting this in order.

Last night, I made an appeal video and we started an Paypal Donation system. People who choose to donate directly to us can use the button. They will not get tax deduction status from this, but they could get a letter if they go through the FCAC Recovery Campaign. In fact a friend of mine made a donation because she didn't want to go through IndieGogo. I have submitted these links to Hackaday, Linz at Sparkfun, and the Make Magazine Blog editors. They we blasted on FB too. Please share them and If you have another place to send the appeal please let me know.


Today Steve Kell was rehabbing the Vex kits, keep your fingers crossed that they are able to be started. Here a couple of photos: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/110697311190694136357/albums/6009737399526244257

FCAC is hosting an event on Friday night. It is in the series of the Hot Glass Cold Brew events that I have been looking to get us involved in for some time. Because of the recent events they want to try to raise awareness and funding for all the neighbors. I was asked by the FCAC Board to assemble a wish list for us and get it to them pronto. Ask for access as soon as you can because we need submit the list as soon as possible. Let's put down everything we lost. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KuwDSho3TsLS-7plAmIuZy-Djft4eCmdhn7abBp2W2E/edit?usp=sharing

FCAC is going to be pushing the Indie Gogo at the event on Friday with iPads ready to hand over to get donations on Friday. I believe we could get a table if we asked and have some laptops up with our buttons. Can we think of anything we can whip out to giveaway if people make donations on the spot? Boy it would good if we knew someone with a laser cutter, time, and materials.. hint! If we made those tokens like you did before Jon with a special message about being a special donor, that would probably suffice.

OK let's hear your ideas... I can see that you read this stuff, write me back... I am a lonely old man. ;)

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Hackaday Tweeted our appeal out to the world.


A BIG thank you to those that have chipped in and helped with either their time or by making a donation. The response has been amazing, we have gotten support from in town, and from cities from Miami to San Fransisco, and from our neighbors up north in Canada. We have been contacted by other spaces who have reached out to encourage us to keep going and even to offer us supplies/hardware. Wow, makers rock!

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The space is slowly coming along. Phil loaned us a portable AC; Steven and I have been running it to help dry out the space. We have some to-do's that I want to consider and try to focus on for the next couple of weeks:

  • Bathroom needs to dry out a few more days and then we will need to replace about half the sheetrock. Last Tuesday Steven, Shauna, Colleen and Phil assisted me in removing the sheetrock from about 45 inches down. we bleached the heck out of the wet siding and lumber.
  • we need to replace the bathroom door. and mouldings. The door and moldings haven't survived.
  • Door to garage needs attention, I haven't fully investigated but I think we should only need to reattach the bottom hinge. Use care opening and closing it
  • Need to re-rock the AC cabinet to close it in so the filter will work properly. M
  • May need to replace door to AC closet as well. It buckled very badly. Maybe able to glue and clamp to save it
  • Re-rock the electrical cabinet, not sure about door
  • Build some new tables
  • Make a large run to scrap yard to sell off E-Waste and flood damage tech, might as well cash in on the flood where we can. I will put out a separate appeal to that later
  • Make some new tables for the space

OK Now for really good news; I am feeling very lucky even as I make that list because:
Eric had announced on the latest, we have collected significant donations directly to our Paypal donation link. I need to start writing thank you letters. On top of that:

  • Rep. Mike Hill spent an hour yesterday with homeowners and non-profit leaders from our neighborhood. He didn't make any concrete promises, but he got the Mayor and Building inspector to come out immediately to talk to us.

  • Meredtih Doyen (Exec. Dir. FCAC want to talk to us about become the fiscal sponsor of the ECCM. We need to explore this. It could qualify us for FEMA funds.

  • The FCAC Indie Gogo Campaign has raised about $7000, we should qualify for a percentage (TBD)

  • We have received a letter from the FamilLab in Orlando they will be shipping up some extra tools they are collecting. Woo. They have agreed to drop off any larger donations from their memebers at the end of June on a trip up to Pensacola

  • Brooks Zurn of http://www.gadgetcat.com has given us a $500 credit to use in the store. Retail therapy, woot!

  • Brandon Hicks is a local cabinet maker who has offered to help us build some new benches, tables, and work stations. He will donate scrap sheet and lumber mats

  • and then Jon pointed out that Make Magazine featured us on their blog earlier this week. They did a really nice write up on our situation. http://makezine.com/2014/05/07/pensacola-hackerspace-devastated-by-flooding/

We are coming back, just watch!

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AND We just got a 12 chairs! A church donated chairs to FCAC, but they didn't want them. So I grabbed a dozen!


Sweet! I'm planning on coming Tuesday night. Has the bathroom sheetrock been replaced? That sounds like a good Tuesday project for me and Andrew.
Reading thru the above list, we have some serious discussions that need to take place. Will we wait till the next monthly meeting, start some topical threads, or do some google handouts?

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I checked on the bathroom yesterday and the bottom plate/sole plate is still pretty wet. I think it might benefit us to wait another week for that to dry some more.

On the other topic: I need to get some more data in the next few days about what the framework would look like if we entered an agreement under an FCAC in an umbrella non-profit relationship. Any agreement will have to be approved by the Exec. Committee or the Board on that end thus there are some ideas to be talked about. I will see some of those people this afternoon, so I hope to have more to talk about soon. The Space Federation leadership also extended a personal note to see if we have an interest using them as the fiscal receiver. we should discuss this as a potential of beings independent. When I have some more to chew on, we can can have some more substantive discussions.


Got the new Poe adapter yesterday, we also have a $40 Home Depot gift card if we want to use for some of the drywall purchase.